Hello Mr Delivery Man

Last week a white van man pulled up outside of my house with a very pretty delivery for me courtesy of Mr Freddie Garland.  Freddie’s Flowers is an online flower delivery service where you can sign up to get a new bunch of flowers every week.  You may have seen the picture of them that I put on Instagram which was re-grammed by Freddie’s Flowers.

I signed up through the Facebook advert so got my first delivery completely free.  I got a beautiful bunch of pale pink tulips and wax flowers.  The box also contains a lovely picture (which F demanded go up on the wall) that tells you a little bit about the flowers and how to look after and arrange them.

The deliveries usually cost £20 with a £2.50 delivery charge if you live outside of London.  They are absolutely beautiful so well worth it.  Flowers in the house are oh so pretty and make me smile.  As well as making me feel like a proper gown up! You can arrange them for as often as you like so you can choose weekly, fortnightly, monthly or so on to suit your needs. They come in a brown box so are fine to be left in a safe space if you are not home.  If you leave the box outside on your next delivery day they will also take it away for you.


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