Contagious: round two

On the day that J was finally clear of spots, F came out with them.  The poor little thing has it much worse than her big brother with the majority of them unfortunately on her gorgeous little face.

Calamine lotion was a no-go.  The stress levels of all involved went through the roof trying to paint her.  Husband was sent to the shops over the housebound weekend to get some Virasoothe gel.  He got the spray version so we have put Disney princess stickers all over the bottle.  Morning and night, F is now covered in princess spray to help her grow into a princess. And it works.  Little Miss Independent wants to put it on herself so the process takes quite some time but she is happy to be covered in the gel.  Fingers crossed for no scars.

Typically she got her spots the weekend that the Husband and I were both off work and had planned to go Gruffalo spotting on the trail at Hamsterley Forest.  Instead we have watched a lot of films, ate ice cream, done jigsaws, played with the dreaded Playdoh and coloured in.  The kids still seem to have had a good weekend and poor F has been an absolute trooper.  Fortunately she is still quite well in herself and a surprise visit from Nana and Bambam with Easter eggs and sticker books has kept her in high spirits.

We have had to re-arrange this week as she can’t come on any of the school runs.  Thanks to the Husband’s vaguely flexible hours and the assistance of grandparents, we have got it covered.

Roll on a fortnights time when we should be spot free and able to roam the great ourdoors (and even just the supermarket!) again!


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