Held together by tape

Marathon training.  This has definitely been on pause for the last few weeks.  I went out last Wednesday and had to cut short at two miles and hobble home.  Nothing was right.  My legs felt like lead, though that may have been the four hours of sleep I’d managed the night before, and everything hurt.  My Achilles was absolutely agony and I had to undo my shoe and walk home standing on the back of the shoe.

However, Saturday morning I needed another attempt.  With ten weeks til the marathon, there needs to be some serious training. I had collected my KT tape from the post office and followed a YouTube video to tape up my Achilles.  I borrowed my mum’s very retro (read: ancient) trainers as she is a size bigger and off I went for five miles.  And what a lovely five miles they were! Success!

My dodgy knee was a little sore afterwards so I taped that up too.  (75% human, 25% tape).  Monday morning and I thought I would tackle eight miles.  It was a lovely sunny day – capris and a t-shirt weather.  I had a route planned on an app but I went rogue.  I was a little concerned at one point that I had got lost but I carried on and came out somewhere that I knew.  I got nearer home and was feeling good so added a little extra loop on.  At 9.33 miles I was near home again so had to run up the road and little and then round the loop in the street to make it up to ten.  TEN!! Woohoo!

My knee is a little sore this morning but I think with a better tape arrangement, I can deal with that for the next few weeks and fix it after the marathon.  My Achilles is much better, I wore my old trainers which are not as pared back as my newer pair so have a little more padding and took the laces out of the top holes so they didn’t pull as tight around my heel.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!  I think adding another two miles to my long run each week for the next five or six weeks should have me as ready as I’ll ever be with time to taper before the big day.


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