International Women’s Day 2017

Ladies, let’s celebrate.  Our successes, our joys, our trials and tribulations, our selves and each other.

I do not want to get into a debate about feminism and equality.  I still believe that there are jobs that at sometimes just meant for men and some for women.  Whether these are such things as not wanting a male bikini waxer or telling you husband that it is his job to put the bins out (even if that is just because its raining and you are already/still in your pj’s!).

I do however believe that anyone should be able to do whatever they want.  Whether a mum wants to give up work completely to raise her family or still work full time, let her choose.

Lets not tear down a successful woman, don’t make comments about how she must never see her kids, that her husband must be under the thumb.  We don’t know how much (or perhaps how little) she berates herself for missing those everyday moments, or the level of guilt she feels for missing bedtime.  Lets celebrate how well she has done in all aspects of her life.

Lets not be envious of a mum who has given up her corporate life to raise a family, bake fresh bread everyday and do all the arts and crafts with her kids.  We don’t know how much she misses grown up conversation and never wants to see another messy play session for as long as she lives.  She might be in her element but we don’t know. Lets celebrate how well she has done in all aspects of her life.

Don’t knock the girls without children, looking like they are living life to the maximum.  They might be having the time of their lives happy in their choice to not have a family.  Or they might be fighting with infertility and feel as though they are dying a little inside everytime they see a pregnant belly or a squishy little newborn.  Lets celebrate how well they have done in all aspects of their lives.

Strong women don’t hurt other women or tear down men.  We want equality for all.

Strong women.  Let us know them, let us be them and let us raise them. xx


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