Hey Dads!


Everybody hear that? Good.

If your other half is anything like mine, they may need a little nudge to remind them and a little hint about what we might like is always helpful.  For those of us with kids who are too small to go shopping themselves, Daddy has to come to the rescue.  He probably needs reminding to do something for his own mum too.  My Mother’s Day this year is a twelve hour dayshift at work so I will most likely not even see the kids.  That gets the hubby off the hook with a lie in followed by breakfast in bed and frees him up to take his own mum out for lunch.  (My mum is on holiday that week so won’t miss me at work.)

I thought I would do a little pick of Insta-friendly companies who do some fab products that are perfect for Mother’s Day.  Feel free to send the link to this page or tag your other half in the post.  Just as a subtle hint obviously…

First up, Tilda and Seb.  These guys do a fab range of cool kids clothes but currently have a range dedicated to Positive Affirmation where mum and kids can twin.  You and your little lady can both sport a funky flamingo design with the text “stand out!”.  Sweatshirts and tshirts for both with a dress or romper also available for the little ones.

Are you a flamingo?

Zilla is up next.  This Brighton based company make personalised letter sweatshirts amongst other fab pieces of clothing.  You can pick the colour sweatshirt and then an amazing print to form the embellished letter on the front.  They are really funky and the whole family can be involved.  The only problem is trying to decide which pattern to pick!

Which one is your favourite?

Chambers & Beau sell a beautiful, extensive range of handmade jewellery and accessories. You can choose to personalise the items with text or charms and double (or triple!) up to get your ideal gift.  I really want to leave a HUGE hint about this website for the Husband but I really can’t decide what I want! Can I have one of everything please?

What would you pick?

My first Mother’s Day I got the book “Mummy Loves You” and a bottle of Chambord.  Last year I got a dustbuster.  What went wrong in the years between?






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