At the grand old age of four and a half, J has succumbed to chicken pox.  We had heard over half term that quite a few of the kids in his class had it; one child has had to postpone his birthday party due to the pox.  With impeccable timing, J came out in spots the days before he was due back to school after half term and the day the Husband and I were booked to go for a night away which was his Christmas present.

We are three days in now and he is rather spotty, touch wood he has been ok in himself and his biggest concern is me trying to get a good look at him every couple of hours to see how spotty he is.  He is painted in calamine lotion and has spent a good forty five minutes this morning lazing in a bath full of bicarbonate of soda to soothe the itches.  F has yet to show any signs of spots so this could drag on for quite some time.  I haven’t tried to keep them apart and they’ve still had a bath together as she will inevitably get them and some point so I do not suppose there is any point in trying to delay them.

There have been a lot of jigsaws, colouring in, games (have you tried Dobble?), cars and some films.  The Peanuts Movie was number one choice yesterday afternoon but fortunately I still had last month’s issue of Glamour magazine to read.

I do not do well stuck in the house for very long and definitely get cabin fever.  Or insanity.  Unfortunately we had had a relatively quiet Saturday in anticipation of going back to school and our night away so I feel as though we have been home forever.  And for someone who has to go out somewhere every day, I may actually be glad that I have to work Wednesday and Thursday this week!

On a side note I managed to get out for a five mile run on Saturday morning before the rian started.  It was a bit tough going at first but I got there and was only seconds slower than before my break.  My knee felt a little sore but with a few good stretches, it seems to be ok.  My Achilles tendon on the other hand….. I think that as a three week break didn’t really help I may ne naughty, stick my head in the sand and try my best to ignore it.  I’ve ordered some KT tape to try and I’m going to have a look for some trainers that are a little more cushioned round the ankle.  Anyone have any experience of Achilles tendonitis?  ANy success with KT tape or any other suggestions to try?


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