Date Night

On Thursday night we escaped for a much anticipated date night.  Nan and Bambam had the kids.  Mum dropped off at a Metro station after we’d been out in the morning.  Storm Doris and public transport and yet I survived!  I don’t actually mind getting the Metro and it didn’t take long to get to Newcastle from the Sunderland University station.

Going straight into Fenwick from the Metro station meant that I passed Topshop and got the most amazing coat at a massive reduction.  A beautiful, full length, oversized checked wool coat.  It should have been £110 full price but it was in the sale, in my size, and had an extra 20% off so it cost me a whopping £24.

Doris had eased off a little by this point so I had a nice little wander through town for the first time in years to meet the Husband as he parked.  It was still early so we headed into Starbucks for a coffee.  Being a man, the Husband had “forgotten” to take a coat when he took a change of clothes to work so was freezing his **** off.  Cue a quick trip into Eldon Square to pick him up a jacket.

We headed for the new restaurant area of Intu Eldon Square to find somewhere to eat.  We couldn’t decide what we fancied so after reading almost every menu in there we settled on Pizza Storm.  There you can create your own pizza.  You can choose from four sauces for the base and then as much or as little of the fresh veg and meat toppings.  I opted for goat’s cheese, spinach, mushroom, my beloved butternut squash and chorizo.  The Husband had all the spice with extra chillies thrown in for good measure.  The pizzas on their own are just over £8 but they had a meal deal on where you could get two pizzas, a side (garlic bread bites) and two unlimited soft drinks for £15.  A very good deal.

As we finished, a girl came over to ask if we would be happy to answer some market research questions about our experience.  Only catch was they would have to film us.  She assured us the footage would only be used in meetings and would not be for advertising or social media so we agreed.  We just had to give our opinion on the layout, the décor, the food, the process and so on.  Ten minutes later we were on our way with a five pound note as a thank you, making the meal a total bargain.

We had tickets to see the White Lies at the O2 Academy so headed up there.  Fortunately the worst of Doris had passed so we did not get blown away on the way.  It must have been about 12 years since I last set foot in the Academy but I don’t think anything has changed.  You still stick to the floor and pay through the roof for a pint in a plastic cup.  I was surprised at the average age of the audience, we were quite possibly on the younger side of the average age.  The first support act were pretty good.  The Volunteers sounded local and, despite the low crowd numbers, they were full of energy and enthusiasm.  Its a shame the same could not be said for the second band.  I have no idea what they were called as the lead singer just mumbled into his microphone a few times.  He seemed to enjoy himself but they did not have much stage presence and were quite painful to watch.

The White Lies came on around 9pm, about 15 minutes after they had arrived due to Storm Doris delaying them.  I only know a few of their songs, the Husband is the fan.  Apparently we saw them supporting Kings Of Leon a few years ago but I don’t remember.  They were pretty good though.  The crowd was engaged and the lead singer did interact.  I sung along with the tracks I knew and overall they were entertaining.  I would go and see them again although I think I need to listen to their albums first!

I did see the advert for Busted at the Academy, unfortunately they were on the day before.  Damn it.  Now that would have been my kind of gig!


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