Runner girl

After almost three weeks off running, my knee seems to have recovered.  I saw the GP who was less than helpful.  I think there was some what of a language barrier as she told me three to four marathons a week was not a good idea and then asked me how may days it took me to run twelve miles.  I spoke to a sports therapist on a fabulously supportive Facebook group and she gave me some exercises to do.  Apparently my weak butt is the root of all evil.  Work those glutes girls!

My first run back was an epic 0.63 miles and took 13 minutes! No I haven’t totally lost my running ability but it was F’s first run.  She has been desperate to be a runner girl so for her birthday last week we got her some running tights and a hoody and her aunty and uncle got her some proper little trainers.  She was so excited to go out and wore my headband and TomTom watch.  Big bro had to come to due to school holidays, he wasn’t so keen to set off but quite enjoyed it once he got going.

Poor F has a bit of a cough so kept stopping but she activated “girl power” and sprinted home.  We did not get quite as far as I had hoped but she is up for going again next week when J goes back to school.  He runs far too fast for her and doesn’t listen when I shout to wait so I’ll have to take them out on their own for a bit.

My first solo run is going to be at the weekend I think.  Sunday brings me to only twelve weeks before my marathon and to be honest, I am a little bit scared that I am so far behind in my training.  I had made it to twelve miles quite comfortably before I had to stop and I am worried I can’t do that anymore!  Eeek! The in-laws are aback from their holiday so normal routine will return next week when school goes back and I can get back into my training with a vengeance.


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