It’s not like you remember…

Usually nothing is like we remember but today I mean Lightwater Valley.  I remember going as a kid both on school trips and with family and friends.  It was the best place ever! It is half term this week and we got tickets for the February Family Fun event.  The whole park isn’t open yet but they were opening the parts suitable for under 8’s at a reduced admission fee.  As our two are only 4 and 3, this sounded perfect.

Hmmm, I wouldn’t liked to have taken anyone much older than four.  Their Angry Birds activity park is pretty much just an indoor and an outdoor play area.  The outdoor one was slightly too big for F but J could just about manage it.  There were a few small rides and a big queue for a tractor ride.  On the merry-go-round, F was told she would have to go in the carriages which didn’t go up and down but the husband just took her on a horse as they were two-seater.  She has handled the Beamish steam gallopers since she was a baby.  Neither kid was big enough for the swings much to their disappointment.  There was one white knuckle ride open which the husband took himself on.

All in all I was a bit disappointed.  I don’t think they had done much to the park in the best part of the last twenty years.  J and F enjoyed themselves but anyone any older would have been at a bit of a loss.



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