My baby is three

On Valentine’s Day, little F turned three! The wildest, most animated, smartest, craziest, most dramatic and most entertaining ball of crazy rocked up three years ago and has kept us on our toes ever since.  She’s one of those girls they write internet memes about such as how I want to raise a strong willed lady but I want to be able to live with her in the meantime and so on.

We took her out for a princess afternoon tea complete with apple juice in a tea cup and beautiful pink “mer-wangs” with chocolate drizzled strawberries.  She was in her element entertaining the grandma’s in the tea room!

Her cake was quite a creation.  High in e-numbers and sugar and a total girl cake if ever there was one.  Manufactured between nightshifts at the weekend we took it to the Nan and Bambam’s house on Sunday as Uncle D and Aunty B had also come to visit so there were more people to share the cake around.  It went down a storm until she got tired and complained she wanted a fairy cake instead!  Kids? Who’d have them???

F was spoiled rotten for her birthday and now has a wardrobe I am jealous of! And more brightly coloured small plastic bits of toys to stand on and lose…..

The day was topped off with take away fish and chips with Nan and Bambam, at the birthday girl’s request with party napkins and teacups.


F, my dear, the world is your oyster.  If you want it, go and get it!! Love you always xx


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