Girls Run The World

So I mentioned that I am running a marathon.  I have run the Great North Run, a half marathon, three times in various states of fitness so for some reason I decided to enter a full marathon.  I was always half crazy so I may as well go full crazy?  Who knows but I am now all signed up.  As a Christmas present from the Husband.  Yeah that.

I have embraced training since Christmas.  Well I have since I could get my trainers on over my broken toe.  Don’t kick the solid base of a divan bed as you walk past it and then have the Husband stand on it, all on Christmas Eve.  That also meant that I couldn’t get my brand new, shiny Stan Smith trainers on for a month after getting them.  Still now, six weeks on my toe hurts in pointy shoes.  Hmph.

Anyway, I digress.  I have so far made it up to 12 miles and am comfortably running 5 miles as my shorter run.  The 12 last Monday was ok.  I set off myself once J was at school and F had gone to the in-laws and quite enjoyed the route aside from the killer hill I had to go up at one point.  Compression socks on in the afternoon and a play in the park with the kids and I was feeling ok.  Skip to Wednesday and a little 5 miler made my knee hurt.  Apparently it is not runner’s knee as mine hurts on the inside.  Ice and 48n hours rest and it felt ok until I did another 5 mile run.  Oops.  Although I did get my fastest pace yet.  At 10.52, Mo and Usain are quite safe but I was pretty pleased with it.  So now I am resting and icing again.  The in-laws are away on a cruise so I am pretty limited for enough childcare to do any long runs so here’s hoping three weeks of shorter but regular runs can help my knee and keep my fitness up.  I am a little worried that if I leave it too long I won’t want to get back out there again even though I do enjoy it.  Wish me luck!

F is quite taken with the idea of being a “wunner girl” and likes to pull her socks up to her knees and run around.  It’s her birthday soon so some little trainers, running tights and a hoody will have her looking the part.  We’ve found a virtual run of 1 mile where she can earn a troll medal so she will be pleased with that.  Look out, this little girl is going to run the world!


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