Hi!  Welcome to my little blog.  Now I’ve Done It is the ramblings of a mummy, wife, runner(ish), friend and many other a title you would like to put on me.  Pain in the ass???

My plan is to write about all sorts.  The trials and tribulations of being at least two stone overweight and deciding to enter a marathon, having a 4 year old and a soon-to-be 3 year old drive me crazy, wanting to dress like a cool Instagrammer but loving my Uggs and jeans too much, things I’ve seen in shops, new clothes and beauty products I love and just life in general.

I’m starting to write this at my kitchen table.  J is at school, in reception, and F is trying to feed me chocolate coins.  White chocolate coins no less as they come in silver wrappers and they are much, much better.  Apparently.

So if you are still here, enjoy my ramblings.  Although if I’m talking to myself, at least it’s reminding me I still know how to spell and type and the kids haven’t taken ALL of my brain cells.


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