Hey Dads!

ATTENTION! MOTHER’S DAY IS THREE WEEKS TOMORROW! Everybody hear that? Good. If your other half is anything like mine, they may need a little nudge to remind them and a little hint about what we might like is always helpful.  For those of us with kids who are too small to go shopping themselves, Daddy … More Hey Dads!


At the grand old age of four and a half, J has succumbed to chicken pox.  We had heard over half term that quite a few of the kids in his class had it; one child has had to postpone his birthday party due to the pox.  With impeccable timing, J came out in spots … More Contagious

Date Night

On Thursday night we escaped for a much anticipated date night.  Nan and Bambam had the kids.  Mum dropped off at a Metro station after we’d been out in the morning.  Storm Doris and public transport and yet I survived!  I don’t actually mind getting the Metro and it didn’t take long to get to Newcastle from … More Date Night

Runner girl

After almost three weeks off running, my knee seems to have recovered.  I saw the GP who was less than helpful.  I think there was some what of a language barrier as she told me three to four marathons a week was not a good idea and then asked me how may days it took … More Runner girl

My baby is three

On Valentine’s Day, little F turned three! The wildest, most animated, smartest, craziest, most dramatic and most entertaining ball of crazy rocked up three years ago and has kept us on our toes ever since.  She’s one of those girls they write internet memes about such as how I want to raise a strong willed … More My baby is three